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  • Advanced Base: FoamaDerm™ is designed for enhanced drug delivery through the skin. Our studies showed better diclofenac release from FoamaDerm™ compared to other bases and the brand product; therefore it can be more effective at lower concentration (up to 3%) as compared to 5% or 10% in other bases.

  • Patient tested: Effectiveness of 2% diclofenac in FoamaDerm™ has been tested at the University of Alberta on patients suffering from chronic pain. Click to read the article

  • Better safety profile: up to 3% diclofenac in FoamaDerm base has better drug release compared to other bases. 

FoamaDerm Prescription Pad 

Recommended dose:

FoamaDerm™ is formulated for up to 3% diclofenac sodium. Diclofenac has superior drug release profile from FoamaDerm™ compared to other bases and shows better effect, therefore there is no need to prescribe higher doses such as 5% or 10% of diclofenac.

The following ingredients can be added to FoamaDerm™:

Diclofenac up to 3%

Ketoprofen up to 3%

Lidocaine up to 3%

Menthol up to 1%

Ketamine up to 4%

Amitriptyline up to 2%

Adding other ingredients or other concentrations has not been studied.

Adding other ingredients or other concentrations has not been studied.

It is possible to add more than 1 ingredient to the same bottle. Due to better drug release and skin penetration we don't recommend higher than recommended concentrations. Adding higher concentrations can change the stability of FoamaDerm™ and may result in precipitation of powder. 


The following concentrations and combinations have been tested:

Diclofenac 3% with lidocaine 1% or 2%

Ketoprofen 3% with lidocaine 1% or 2%

Diclofenac 3% with menthol 1%

Ketoprofen 3% with menthol1%

Ketamine 2% with lidocaine 1%, or 2%

Ketamine 3% with lidocaine 1%

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Nixx Photography FoamaDerm
Diclofenac release profile from different bases, brand product and FoamaDerm.
Better patient compliance
  • Better spreadibility and easy to clean foam

  • Foam leaves no greasy residue on skin allowing convenient any time application

  • Easy to apply with gentle rubbing, for convenient application on areas that are hurting

Please visit our FAQs section for answer to some of the common questions.

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