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Traditionally physicians prescribe diclofenac in high concentrations in ointment like bases. Due to the lack of optimum drug delivery from these bases, doctors normally prescribe high concentration of diclofenac in the base such as 10% or even higher. The traditional products are greasy and not very pleasant for patients to apply and normally they stain clothes.

We created FoamaDerm™ as a novel base which improve the effectiveness of topical diclofenac. FoamaDerm™ is a water based form which is very easy to apply and does not leave any oily residues. 

Introducing FoamaDerm™

Effective and Safe

How to get diclofenac in FoamaDerm

If you have joint or muscle pain, you can visit your family doctor to get a prescription for 3% diclofenac in FoamaDerm. The prescription can be filled in your community pharmacy. Diclofenac in FoamaDerm is covered by drug insurances. If your pharmacy is not familiar with FoamaDerm, please ask them to contact us directly.

About Company

We truly see ourselves as your partners in providing solutions tailored to meet your patients' needs. RS Therapeutics Inc. is an Edmonton based company which is dedicated to providing advanced compounding solutions that work.

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