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  • A prescription is ordered for 5% diclofenac in different compounding base, how can I adapt the prescription to diclofenac in FoamaDerm™?"
    Our studies showed that diclofenac in FoamaDerm™ has better drug release profile compared to other compounding bases and a leading brand. With FoamaDerm™ there is no need to use 5% or higher concentrations of diclofenac. In our studies 2% concentration showed desirable effects. You can adapt the prescription to 2% diclofenac in FoamaDerm™ with the same direction and notify the physician. However, if you would like to try higher concentrations, up to 3% can be added to FoamaDerm™
  • Can we add other ingredients to FoamaDerm™?
    Following ingredients can be added to FoamaDerm™: Ketoprofen up to 3% Lidocaine up to 3% Menthol or camphor up to 1% Ketamine up to 4% Amitriptyline up to 2% Adding other ingredients or other concentrations has not been studied.
  • Can I compound other NSAIDs in FoamaDerm™?
    Yes, ketoprofen can be added up to 3% to FoamaDerm™. No other NSAIDs tested with FoamaDerm™.
  • I would like to try FoamaDerm™ for my patients, can I request free sample to be sent to me?"
    Absolutely, if you are a healthcare professional you can request a free sample by emailing us at
  • What is the expiry of FoamaDerm™?
    Our studies showed that FoamaDerm™ is stable for over 14 months at room temperature.
  • What is the beyond use date of diclofenac in FoamaDerm™?
    Our long-term stability studies showed that diclofenac is stable for at least 3 months at room temperature.
  • How is the base preserved?
    FoamaDerm™ contains benzyl alcohol as preservative because the base contains water and is compounded under non-sterile conditions. However, since during administration the patient does not come into contact with the fluid inside the bottle, no bacterial contamination of the product inside the bottle through the patient is possible.
  • What are the available bottle sizes of FoamaDerm™?
    Currently FoamaDerm™ is available in 50g, 100g and 200g pre-filled bottles and 1L bulk bottle.
  • How can my pharmacy order FoamaDerm™?
    Pharmacies in Alberta and BC can order FoamaDerm™ from Imperial Distributors Canada Inc. We are working with other distributors to have the base available to you through other distributors too. In the meantime, you can order online from our website or if you don't want to purchase by credit card and prefer paying by cheque, you can fill out FoamaDerm™ order form and send it to us by fax or email.
  • Is FoamaDerm™ available in US and Europe?
    Currently FoamaDerm™ is available only in Canada.
  • How long does it take to compound diclofenac in FoamaDerm™?
    It depends on the diclofenac source you are using. Normally the drug dissolves within 15-20 minutes. However, we saw few cases, where more time was needed.
  • Can I compound higher concentration of diclofenac in FoamaDerm™?
    You can add up to 3% diclofenac to FoamaDerm™. There is no need to use higher concentrations. Patients showed satisfactory results with 2% diclofenac in FoamaDerm™.
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