If you would like to try it for your patients, you can adapt a prescription ordered 5% or 10% diclofenac or ketoprofen to up to 3% diclofenac in FoamaDerm™.


A better solution for topical drug delivery

As pharmacists, we realized that some of the bases available for compounding diclofenac are not effective. These bases are mostly oily, sticky, not easy to apply and with sub optimum effectiveness. Over the years we heard the same from other pharmacists and realized that we needed to find a solution to this problem. We designed a better base - FoamaDerm™ - with the end user in mind - the patient; for the ease of application, ease of compounding and above all a better drug release profile to ensure optimum effectiveness with lower concentration, up to 3% diclofenac. 

Following ingredients can be added to FoamaDerm™:

Ketoprofen up to 3%

Lidocaine HCl up to 3%

Menthol, and camphor up to 1%

Ketamine up to 4%


Adding other ingredients or other concentrations has not been studied.

It is possible to add more than 1 ingredient to the same bottle. Due to better drug release and skin penetration we don't recommend higher than recommended concentrations. Adding higher concentrations can change the stability of FoamaDerm™ and may result in precipitation of powder. 


The following concentrations and combinations have been tested: 

Diclofenac 3% with lidocaine 1% or 2% 

Ketoprofen 3% with lidocaine 1% or 2%

Diclofenac 3% with menthol or camphor 1%

Ketoprofen 3% with menthol or camphor 1%

Current availability

FoamaDerm™ is available in 50g, 100g and 200g ready to use pre-filled foam bottles and 1000g bulk bottle.


Compounded diclofenac in FoamaDerm™ is stable for 3 months. 

Also the beyond use date of the mentioned combinations documented in our lab for over 3 months. 

Download FoamaDerm™ SDS

Please visit our FAQs section for answer to some of the common questions.

Insurance Coverage

Diclofenac in FoamaDerm is covered by drug insurance companies. Please use the following pseudo DIN numbers for billing. 

  • Blue Cross: 00999102

  • BCE: 00999984

  • CS: 00999999

  • ESI: 00967475

  • NIHB: 99501007

Compounding Instructions

  • Add required amount(s) of ingredient(s) to the bottle. There is no need for any levigating agents or solvents. 

  • Close the cap and gently tap/swirl the container. There is no need for continuous or vigorous shaking.

  • A clear liquid will be formed within 15-20 minutes.

  • Foam will be dispensed upon pressing the actuator.

Compounding diclofenac in FoamaDerm is easy, just weig the powder and add it to bottle and gently shake. Diclofenac normally dissolves in 15-20 minutes. The final product is easily spreadable and non-greasy foam.

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