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Introducing FoamaDerm™

A novel base for better outcomes

FoamaDerm™ is a propellant-free foam, which is designed as a base for topical diclofenac sodium. FoamaDerm™ is a water based formulation which provides a non-greasy feeling for patient after application and does not stain clothes.

Top 5 reasons to choose FoamaDerm™

1. Patient Tested

Effectiveness of 2% diclofenac in FoamaDerm™ has been tested at the University of Alberta on patients suffering from chronic pain. Click to read the article

2. Better Patient Compliance

Water-based, non-greasy formulation favorable by patients. Also, since low concentrations of drug is used, minimum or no skin irritation happens. 

4. Advanced Base,

Enhanced Skin Penetration

FoamaDerm™ is a nanotechnology product, which enhances skin penetration of topical diclofenac.

5. Easy Compounding

Just add diclofenac and mix; no solvents or other tools required. No cleaning required.

3. Better Drug Release Profile 

Diclofenac in FoamaDerm™ has better drug release compared to other bases. Click to read the article

Patient demographics and their treatment response to 2% diclofenac in FoamaDerm™. (Ref: adapted from BMC Res Notes 13, 285, 2020)

About Company

We truly see ourselves as your partners in providing solutions tailored to meet your patients' needs. RS Therapeutics Inc. is an Edmonton based company which is dedicated to providing advanced compounding solutions that work.

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